Julie & Bob ReamJulie Ann Ream
Julie is a writer, historian, and producer of live events and Western Award Shows. Prior to these ventures, she spent 10 years as an investigative agent on the TV series 'Unsolved Mysteries'; working for NBC, CBS and Lifetime. She currently works with many museums around the United States, assisting in their Western preservation endeavors, most notably the San Fernando Valley Relics Museum where she is a docent and curator. This and other museums house displays on her famous family. She works with the Reel Cowboys on the Silver Spur Awards show, and recently produced the 'GUNSMOKE 60th Anniversary Reunion’ in Hollywood, CA.

Julie hails from a family famous with Western Actors & Musicians.

Her Grandfather, Taylor “Cactus Mack” McPeters was a cowboy, stuntman, musician, and actor who sang with and worked as a sidekick to both Gene Autry and Roy Rogers. His band, 'Cactus Mack & his O Bar O Cowboys' became the 'Sons of the Pioneers' when he left it to a young Leonard Slye (who later became Roy Rogers). Cactus appeared in over 300 films and television shows, including most of John Wayne’s B westerns. Relatives, Glenn Strange and Rex Allen also had far reaching careers. Rex, the 'Arizona Cowboy' had a voice that is still treasured in narrations. Both he and Cactus voiced many of the cartoons and shorts for Walt Disney; Cactus in the 40’s & 50’s and Rex in the 60’s. Their first cousin Glenn Strange was a stuntman, musician, and cowboy before becoming an actor. Known for his role as the Lone Ranger’s nemesis, “Butch Cavendish” and the villain in the Red Ryder series, he was also Universal's Frankenstein Monster, and best known as “Sam, the Bartender” in the long running TV series “Gunsmoke.”