Dodie Rogers-PattersonDodie Rogers-Patterson
Dodie is the youngest child of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. They had nine children, five are still living; Cheryl, Marion (Mimi), Linda Lou, Roy Jr. (Dusty), and Dodie.

Dodie was adopted at the age of seven months after Roy and Dale's two-year-old Robin passed away from complications related to Down Syndrome.

Dodie is Native American, as was Roy, which enabled the couple to adopt her. Coincidentally, she is Choctaw, also the same as Roy on his father's side.

"We were an active bunch. Thank goodness for the ranch in Chatsworth, California with it's many acres to explore and play on because we all played hearty. Dad and mom certainly had their hands full and when friends came over, well, multiply that and you have a mad house."

Roy, Dale, Dusty, and Dodie moved to Apple Valley, California in 1965 after the deaths of Debbie and Sandy. Roy opened his first museum there, eventually moving to Victorville, California.

Dodie is married to Jon Patterson, a NASA employee and lives in the Huntsville area. They are renovating a Civil War historic house and have a small ranch in Scottsboro where the deer and horses roam. They have five horses including of course, a palomino.

Dodie has a daughter, Kristin, three grandchildren, Andres, Tessa, and Tala, and five great grandchildren. She also has two stepchildren, Wes and Rosalynn.

Currently, Dodie is working on her memoirs and other writing, loves to sew and design, works with stained glass, and enjoys other crafts.

"The Rogers family has been on many trails, some happy and some sad, but the love generated by my parents, for so many, for God, has influenced many for the better."