Hello Roy Rogers Fans,

After a hugely successful and legendary Grand Opening of our Museum last summer we were hit with some bad news, forcing our museum doors to close. The Historic old building which we had moved into suffered from more disrepair than the landlord was willing to take on, and the museum building was quickly sold rather than repaired, as was promised us when we moved in.

The new owner has given us till the month’s end to vacate, and we wanted to have more information, including some good news for you before making any announcements.

Well, God is good! Fortunately, when a door closes, a window opens, and after exhausting many leads and weighing all current possibilities, we have leased another building, just down the block. We will be able to remain in the Roy Rogers Esplanade. Great news and we will begin the move as soon as possible, with plans to re-open this spring. Taking all the enthusiasm and memories we made last summer with us! It will be no easy task, but the ‘Cowboy Sprit’ and a good deal of hard work & elbow grease will carry us through.

There will be no festival this year. This year’s focus will be on the move, re-starting and fully establishing the museums foundation, with a goal of the museum sponsoring its next festival in 2023.

We will continue to move forward as we change and grow, and have LOTS of future plans in the works that will honor Roy Rogers, the ‘King of the Cowboys’!

We will continue to keep you posted on both Face book & the website, and do hope you come and visit soon!

A new museum address will be posted soon, and our current P.O. Box remains our mailing address.

Thank you for the continued support and thank you to everyone who has already donated, and shared their collections & memories with us. We treasure them, and are continuing to accept donations and memorabilia collections as we are eager to continue to grow our ‘fan-based’ exhibits.

Happy Trails,

Eva Robbins
Museum Founder & Curator
& Festival President

The Roy Rogers Museum & Festival Team

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